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Our Story


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Family and heritage are two ideals close to our hearts here at Legacy Pecan. In fact, our story would not be complete without them.
Our company’s history begins in the late 1990s when Chester and Susan Bench purchased a cattle ranch along the Red River near the Oklahoma-Texas border. The property featured a charming grove of native pecan trees that eventually sparked the creation of what is now Legacy Pecan.
After working with neighbors to custom harvest their own crops, Chester became highly interested in the lucrative business of pecan farming. In 2007, he worked closely with members of the Noble Foundation to greatly improve the ranch orchard. The organization helped the family determine where the best soil on the property was to plant pecans and the best variety of tree for growing in the area. He also learned how to properly irrigate the crop to ensure complete protection against drought and enhance the overall flavor of the pecan.
We aren’t kidding when we say that family is everything to us at Legacy Pecan. The name of the company comes from the Bench’s devotion to provide a living legacy to their children and grandchildren. Chester, a graduate of Abilene Christian University, spent the majority of his career in the overhead crane business before retiring. He and Susan, a former nurse and TVCC graduate, have been married for over thirty years.
The Benches are proud parents to two children—Jodi and her husband Justin, and Curtis and his wife, Tina. Jodi and Justin both graduated from Texas A & M University, while Curtis and Tina are graduates of Texas Tech University. They also have five grandchildren: Maddy, Mason, Cade, Mabry, and Carlee.
Legacy Pecans’ orchard features Pawnee and Kanza variety trees. We specialize in Mammoth pecans, which are one of the largest types of pecan halves on the market. They are some of the highest quality nuts available, making them a real treat for use in your kitchen or just as a favorite snack.
We offer a range of products and services including fresh pecans, holiday gift tins, and custom harvesting for other growers. Please contact us today for further information.

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